MMS023: What’s Your Retirement Number?

MMS023: What’s Your Retirement Number?

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Episode 23 – What’s Your Retirement Number? Ahh, retirement! Seems like a wonderful place to be. But if we don’t figure out the number we need to aim for in retirement then it might not be as fun as we’d like. Join us and our special guest Todd Tresidder of as we discuss retirement and how to figure out your retirement number.


Some important points from this episode:

  • When Social Security was implemented, the average life expectancy was 65. It’s no secret why the age was set at 65. It was never intended to be a perpetual retirement system
  • For a couple that retires healthy at age 65, they can expect at least one spouse to live into their 90s. It can be tough to amortize assets over a 30 year period like that.
  • A cash flow model for retirement income is a necessity for many people.

Links, Tools, and Programs To Help You Figure Out Your Retirement Number

Panelists In This Episode:

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