MMS026: How To Be a Globetrotter On a Budget

MMS026: How To Be a Globetrotter On a Budget

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Episode 26 – How To Be a Globetrotter On a Budget – International travel sounds fun in theory, but most people believe it is too expensive and that there is too much potential for headaches.  Paula Pant from Afford Anything is not most people.  She joins our panel to discuss how to up your international travel IQ and how nearly everyone can afford to travel if they are willing to deviate slightly from traditional travel norms.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • How did Paula manage to travel around the world for two years on ONLY $25,000?!
  • What are the best ways to reduce airfare costs?
  • Are there alternatives to a hotel that will save me money?
  • How can I use currency conversion rates to my advantage when globetrotting?
  • Will I have any passport-related issues when hopping around countries like Laos and Cambodia?
  • What tourist trap-type of scams might I run into on my travels?  What negotiating tips does Paula have?
  • Can I actually save money by not planning in advance?

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