MMS031: How To Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year

MMS031: How To Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year

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Executive Summary

So 2015 arrives and everyone around you is making these epic-quest goals and everywhere you look has lists of uber-ambitious resolutions.  What’s a sane person to do?  Do you buy into the mania and say you’re going to run a marathon while getting that MBA this year, or do you scoff at the people at the gym in January that aren’t really sure what they’re doing?  Eric Rosenberg from Narrow Bridge Finance joins us this week to talk about his approach to goal setting – and even more crucial – goal achieving.  Listen in for our thoughts on how to increase the likelihood that you’ll realize your goals and what financial aims we have for the upcoming 365-day stretch.

Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Don’t most New Year’s resolutions fail?  Are they even worth it?
  • How can I increase the odds I’ll get to the light at the end of the tunnel this time?
  • Are there any tools or resources that can help me in 2015?
  • What sort of financial goals should I be making anyway?
  • Is it better to dream big or start small?e

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