MMS034: Paying Off Your Student Loans To Live Debt Free

MMS034: Paying Off Your Student Loans To Live Debt Free

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Executive Summary

Want to pay off $28,000 worth of debt in under three years?  Zina Kumok of Debt Free After Three will tell you how she managed this Herculean feat of frugalistic strength this week on the Money Mastermind Show.  Tune in to hear about everything from stocking up on shampoo samples, to debating the merits of free-at-the-point-of-delivery college/university courses. If you’re ready to live debt free, here’s your road map to getting on the right track.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Is there a culture around blindly accepting student debt that needs to change?
  • How did Zina manage to “earn” $1,000 by switching bank accounts a few times?
  • Is there a case where paying off my student loans early isn’t in my best interests?
  • What does entitlement have to do with a student loan?
  • Should society allow $100,000 student loans?  Should post-secondary education be free?

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