MMS035: How To Financially Recover From a Divorce

MMS035: How To Financially Recover From a Divorce

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Executive Summary

Valerie Rind joins us to talk about a major life event that no one wants to believe will happen to them, but has become all-too-common over the past couple of decades.  Divorces are obviously a destructive emotional experience, but in addition, there are financial-based problems that are bound to complicate the situation even further.  As a divorcee, Valerie helps others learn from her experience.  Her blog is cleverly titled Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads but you can find it under the URL


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • What does the following quote, “Divorce is not a solution, but an exchange of problems” by Harvard sociologist Armand Nicholi III actually mean?
  • If you’re going through a divorce what is the first thing you should consider with regard to finances?
  • What sort of legal considerations are there when a couple has to split their finances?
  • Should I be preparing in some way for this sort of event even if my relationship is stable and I’m happily married?

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