MMS006: Are We Heading Toward A Financial Apocalypse?

MMS006: Are We Heading Toward A Financial Apocalypse?

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Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie joins us this week live from his survivalist bunker to discuss the coming financial apocalypse.  Our panel shares their thoughts on what a modern meltdown might look like, as well as if we believe it will ultimately be a human-made catastrophe or a product of nature’s ever-increasing fury.  Ever wondered if you could survive the worst-case scenario?  Worry no more as the Money Mastermind Show tells you how to prepare for everything from a government credit collapse to a hurricane.

Are We Heading Toward a Financial Apocalypse?

Key Questions From This Episode:

  • What would a financial apocalypse look like and what are the chances it will happen?
  • Do we the right attitude about recessions and are they cause for concern?
  • Are government’s doing enough to prevent a possible day of debt reckoning?
  • Should you change your investing style in consideration of a financial meltdown?
  • Are there similarities between the increasing amount of natural disasters and the intense financial bubbles we’ve been seeing over the past few decades?
  • Theory is all fine and good, but what concrete steps can you take to make sure you’re prepared?


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Panelists In This Episode:

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One Response to MMS006: Are We Heading Toward A Financial Apocalypse?

  1. Nice episode. I was excited when I saw the title. I wish you guys had spent time breaking it down in a more topical way, though, such as saying “what are the ways that a financial apocalypse might come about” then discussing each of them in turn. It felt a little meandering.

    Additionally, I would have loved to see more polling of participants in a form like “How many of you think X could happen?”

    Hope you don’t mind that kind of feedback. I look forward to listening in the future.

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