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MLM: Business Opportunity or Scam?

The rise of the Internet has made it possible to start a business online and interact with people all over the world to sell your products or services. My own business is pretty simple and straightforward: I provide writing services. For more than a decade, I have provided content to a variety of clients. There have… Continue Reading

MMS066: How to Negotiate a Better Salary

MMS066: How to Negotiate a Better Salary

We all wish we made more money. However, you have better chance of making that money if you ask for it. Before you ask for a raise, though, it’s important to do your research. Jason Hull from myFinancial Answers joins us to talk about how to negotiate a better salary. If you are trying to decide how much to ask for, and how to approach the situation, this episode is for you.
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Networking: Building Relationships Online and In Person

One of the best ways to boost your career is to networking. It’s nice to think that we live in a meritocracy, but the reality is that, in many cases, who you know is more important than any number of other factors in your life. My husband discovered this the hard way when he first started… Continue Reading

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