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How Effective is Your Charitable Giving?

Many of us want to give back in some way. Charitable giving is a cornerstone of good finances. When you give your money to charity, though, you probably want to know that you’re truly helping. So, before you write your next donation check, think about how effective your charitable giving really is. How Much Should… Continue Reading

Does Travel Really Have to Be Expensive?

We often think of travel — especially world travel — as an expensive proposition. However, travel doesn’t have to be out of reach. In fact, with the right approach, it’s possible to enjoy travel without breaking the bank. It’s not just about travel hacking, either. In many cases, affordable world travel is about planning and… Continue Reading

Your Financial Mistakes Don’t Have to Be Forever

Too often, we feel as though a mistake means the end of everything when it comes to our finances. We think that making mistakes disqualifies us from financial success. The good news, though, is that financial mistakes don’t have to be forever. Once you get beyond the psychology issues that can hold you back when… Continue Reading

Does Having More Money Give You the “Right” to Dictate?

Today, our society places a great deal of emphasis on money, and the “rights” that come with it. The assumption is that more money = more say. Whether it’s a say in political policy, or whether it’s determining the direction of family finances, we reside a lot of what we consider “rights” in the amount… Continue Reading

Are You Proactive or Reactive in Your Finances?

Who’s in control of your relationship with money? Is it you? Or do you let your money rule you? One of the many things that struck me as we spoke with J.D. Roth during our last episode was the difference between proactive finances and reactive finances. “Proactive” is one of those words that is often… Continue Reading

Money Mastermind Show After Hours: What is Activehours?

One of the things we talked a lot about off-air a couple of weeks was Activehours. Our panelists had a lot of questions for Ram Palaniappan, the founderĀ of the company and our guest for the episode about cash flow. What is Activehours? First of all, our panelists wanted to know about the company. Palaniappan described… Continue Reading

Your Cash Flow Matters More Than Your Income

When many people talk about what would make their financials lives better, many of them automatically jump to the conclusion that the answer is “more money.” While many of us could probably benefit from higher incomes, and there are definitely those for whom more money would make a big difference, the reality is that there… Continue Reading

Smart Spending: Do You Understand Your “Authentic Why”?

In the world of personal finance blogging, we talk a lot about saving money, and how to stop spending. However, creating the lifestyle you want isn’t always about the way you stop spending money. Sometimes it’s more about smart spending, and spending according to your priorities. Why Do You Spend Money? One of the most… Continue Reading

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