The Money Mastermind Show Podcast Giveaway

As part of launching the Money Mastermind Show on iTunes, we want to make things fun for our listeners. And because nothing says we value our listeners like free stuff, we’re offering a giveaway!

kindle-fire-hdOn July 31, we’re going to give away a Kindle Fire HD 16GB, along with a $25 eBay gift card, and some personal finance books, and maybe other random gift cards a $25 Lowes gift card.

If all goes well we may continue this and choose winners every month!

All you have to do to win is sign up once for the giveaway and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win every month (assuming it works out and we keep it going).

Follow These Steps To Enter The Contest

Note: You must have iTunes installed on your machine to enter.  Download it here.

1. Follow this link to the Money Mastermind Show iTunes podcast page. 

2. Click on the blue “View In iTunes” button, as shown in the image below. (You may be prompted to launch the iTunes application, and you should allow your computer to do so.)

view in itunes

3. Click on the “Subscribe” button. Congratulations! Now you’ll never miss an episode of the Money Mastermind Show!

subscribe in itunes

4. Now that you’ve subscribed, you can leave a review of the Money Mastermind Show. Click on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab. Once there, choose the “Write a Review” button.


5. Now is the time to share how you feel about the show. Write an honest review of the Money Mastermind Show and select “Submit”.  ***Realize that it can take one or two days for your review to show on the page. Enter the contest anyway, and we’ll verify later if your email is picked.***


6. Your giveaway entry is almost complete. Finish up by subscribing to our email newsletter. Enter your email address in the form below to subscribe to the email.  You will be asked to confirm your subscription via email, and you should do so (don’t forget to check your spam folder, just in case). Once you have confirmed, you will be sent another email. Reply to the email you receive with the subject “MMS Contest,” and include the iTunes username you used to review the podcast.

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We’ll verify the iTunes review, and once that’s done, you’re entered into the giveaway. And, of course, once you’re in, you’re IN. Each month that we do the contest, you have a chance to win. You’ll never have to submit again.

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