MMS078: Deal Stacking: How To Maximize Savings In Grocery And Retail Stores

MMS078: Deal Stacking: How To Maximize Savings In Grocery And Retail Stores

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Executive Summary

This isn’t your mom’s extreme couponing.

Join us as we talk to Kyle Taylor from The Penny Hoarder about deal stacking and how it can be used to save money on almost everything you buy. This isn’t about clipping coupons. It’s about using credit rewards and stacking them with online rebates and making other moves to avoid paying full price on everything from travel to household appliances to clothing.




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[0:00:02] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Money Mastermind Show. Let’s Talk Money.

[0:00:02.9] GC: Welcome to another episode of the Money Mastermind show. Tonight, we have Kyle Taylor of the Penny Hoarder and he is going to help us make every penny count by telling us about deal stacking. Welcome to the show Kyle.

[0:00:17.9] KT: Hey, thanks for having me.

[0:00:19.4]GC: Thanks for coming. The rest of the Money Mastermind Show is, we have another Kyle here. Kyle Prevost of…

[0:00:27.4] KP:

[0:00:28.3]GC: I try to go off script and then everything else just throws off and I can’t think of anything else that’s why I try to write all this stuff down. Peter Anderson of Bible Money Matters, Tom Drake of the Canadian finance blog and Miranda Marquit of Planting Money Seeds. I am Glen Craig of Free from Broke.

So back to the topic at hand. Kyle, can you tell us a little bit about Deal Stacking, what that is and why it’s something useful the rest of us should know about?

[0:00:59.7] KT: Yeah, absolutely. Well I have to preface by saying I am not one of those crazy coupon ladies. As much as I admire them, I am a lazy saver and so I’ve developed a few tricks over the years to stacking deals and getting coupons really easily so that I never have to pay retail price. My tricks are, we all know, we should be using coupons and not just when we’re grocery shopping but whenever you buy anything.

But you can use a number of other stacking things like for example, cash back websites, which will pay you a rebate on every purchase you make. Anywhere from one to 25% cash back. Something that takes like 10 seconds to click a link and you’ll automatically get that cash back, back in your bank account which is super simple. I’m also a big fan of paying through things and gift cards which I know it sounds kind of silly but there are a ton of discounted gift cards websites like where if you know you’re going to be buying a new TV at Best Buy, spending $500 bucks, you might as well buy a gift card that’s on sale for $450 at and it’s an instant $50 in savings, takes you a minute or two without even really having to think about it.

[0:02:22.2]GC: Would you do something like take that step further and buy that gift card with like a credit card for points or anything like that?

[0:02:28.0] KT: Yeah, so it’s all about putting those little layers all together. So yes, I’m a huge fan of using the rewards credit card on everything including when I’m buying a gift card and it’s such a simple way to make sure it’s a lazy way of saving. So I always recommend, if you can, if you’ve got the credit score for it, upgrade your credit card and get one of those that are offering one and a half to 2% cash back.

[0:02:52.3]GC: So you’re all for the saving, you’re all for the saving the pennies and you’re also using the credit card, which is not a — it’s kind of a rare combination here for our guests I think.

[0:03:01.9] KT: This is a man after my own heart. On the credit card. Keep it coming!

[0:03:07.1] KT: Yeah, I guess that’s my dirty personal finance, I like the plastic for sure.

[0:03:14.3]GC: And I think a lot of us here do as well. We’ve certainly had cash people on and we have little fun with it when we do but we’ve definitely talked about how we like to use credit cards here for good or bad.

[0:03:25.1] KT: Yeah, absolutely. I mean I’m not a fan of carrying the debt, I’m sure aren’t but if they’re going to give me money, I might as well take it and there are a bunch of great rewards cards now that give, like I said, one and a half to 2% which is we haven’t seen those levels in a few years and even some without annual fees. Like Barkley has a new one out, one and a half percent no annual fee, it’s just like taking free money, why not?

[0:03:50.8]GC: Right, as long as you use it wisely, if you get something back, yeah why not? I mean I’ll do it like every now and then, maybe every year or so, I’ll just check in and see how many points I have for a gift card somewhere and I’ll be able to grab like something from the GAP or something from Home Depot and it’s virtually free at that point.

[0:04:09.2] MM: Yeah so I haven’t actually bought birthday presents for my siblings in years because what I do is I turn in my credit card points for one of my cards for restaurant gift cards and that’s what I give my siblings for their birthdays and it’s been great because you get — I found with some of these credit card rewards programs, you get a better overall value when you go for the gift card as opposed to going for just the cash back or just the travel rewards, I find that you get a good value for a gift card. It’s been great way to get presents for my sibling’s birthdays without — I look like a hero when I haven’t had to spend any money.

[0:04:56.4]GC: Or I’ve found even like when you try to buy the products like some cards will have… you can buy the product through them but you end up still getting a better deal with the gift cards and now with like the electronic cards you get, they just sends you an email, here’s the code. You don’t even have to worry about having the card with you, you could just do all your shopping, you get everything done in half an hour and you haven’t even left your seat.

[0:05:17.8] KT: Yeah, it’s so true and it depends a little bit on your credit card issuer because Amex points are worth a lot, are a lot different than Chase points for example. I like using the travel blogs for this. I’m not a point expert but something like A Million Miles Secrets is a good place to learn, what the value of those points are. For example, Chase, I often find it’s better to use for travel where as my Amex I prefer to get the cash back on.

[0:05:46.9]GC: Yeah, I mean travel rewards points, I think that’s a subject for a whole other.

[0:05:49.6] KT: That is very true.

[0:05:52.3]GC: That’s a whole other day. I mean, besides the simple hacking and using of credit cards and then stacking up the gift cards, tell us maybe a little bit more about getting discount gift cards. To me that seems like kind of a strange thing. I know I see offers for them sometimes. You could buy like $100 iTunes card for $85 or something like that but that’s usually through the issuer or maybe iTunes or somebody else not necessarily, I think the sites that you were talking about, that seems a little different.

[0:06:21.0] KT: Yeah, so there’s something like over $40 billion dollars in unused gift cards in the United States just sitting in sock drawers and junk drawers. So there have been a number of sites that have popped up in the last few years like Gift Card Granny or that seeks to pay consumers to get rid of those gift cards. Let’s say you got a gift card for Target that you don’t want, you would use these sites to sell it.

And if I’m a shopper who knows I have to buy something at Target, I would buy it from you at a discount. It works well for everybody, I’m going to get to save a little bit of money at Target and you’re going to get it to put money in your pocket because you weren’t planning to use the gift card anyway.

[0:07:06.5]GC: Now I know the Internet has come a long way but I can’t help but wonder like how safe is that? There’s somebody mailing me their gift card, what’s the story on that?

[0:07:17.6] KT: I prefer to use raise and carpool is another good one because you don’t have to have any interaction between buyers and sellers, it’s all managed by the site, which is my favorite way of doing it. Once you’ve paid for your gift card, it’s instantly sent to you, if it’s an E-gift card and if it’s a mail gift card, a physical gift card, they’ll mail it to you within I think five to seven business days.

[0:07:42.3]GC: So I guess if somebody has like a gift card to whatever store that they either don’t have near them or they’re just never really going to use a site like that is it worth it to get some value out of it even if it’s not full value.

[0:07:53.2] KT: Yeah — go ahead, I’m sorry.

[0:07:55.8] KP: I was just going to say I’ve actually used them to sell, I’ve never bought before but I’ve sold a couple. Just got from friends that I don’t know if possibly they were re-gifting them would be my guess and I just didn’t really like them or even for our wedding we got gift cards to many, many stores that we just simply didn’t need. There’s only so much kitchen related stuff that we can put in our cabinets. So yeah, we sold them, I think the site took, I want to say like a three to 5% commission, is that sort of in the ballpark there Kyle?

[0:08:28.0] KT: Yeah, it depends on the store. A popular store like Target or Walmart, you’re going to get a really high value back but if it’s something like it’s not as well used or as in many locations like a JC Penny’s, you might have to take a 20% haircut on the cash value.

[0:08:49.8] GC: Wow, but I guess if you never shop at a place, it’s better to get something than have it sit in a sock drawer forever?

[0:08:57.0] MM: Well and it’s like Kyle said, if he got it from somebody else, that’s still free money in his pocket.

[0:09:02.7] KT: Cash in my pocket, that’s right and as a buyer, someone who knows I need to buy something, I want as big a discount as I can possibly have on that gift card.

[0:09:13.6] PA: Now one thing about when you’re trying to stack a deal is making sure you’re buying whatever you’re buying when it’s actually on sale or when it have a good price. Are there sites that you use in order to kind of track that sort of thing?

[0:09:27.4] KT: Yeah, that’s a really good question. I think for comparison wise, I often find myself using Amazon to see if it’s really a good deal or not. But to find out whether they are things that I can stack on top of that sale, I use a site called Cost Shredder and you just put in where you’re going to be shopping and they automatically spit out all the coupon codes that are available, what credit card would give you the best cash back and what cash back site you should use so you get the most money back. So it does all your homework for you.

[0:10:02.2] GC: That’s nice. Because I try to do that a lot too. If I know I’m shopping for whatever it is. I’ll go to Amazon, I’ll check some reviews, I’ll check the prices and I’ll go around and I’ll probably end up spending more time than it’s worth. But it sounds like if you have a site like that, that certainly makes everything easier.

[0:10:22.4] KT: I find it can vary so much with the cash back sites because Ebates may be offering you 1% cash back but Be Frugal might offer you 10% cash back. Instead of having to log in to all those accounts, I’ll let someone else do the work.

[0:10:36.9] GC: Now when you say cash back, from Ebates or Be Frugal or something. What is that cash back, where do you get that money back? It’s not like a credit card that you get it back on your card on your statement?

[0:10:47.2] KT: They send me a check. Ebates sends me a check every quarter for all the rebates that I’ve earned that quarter and they’ll work similarly, some of them pay via PayPal.

[0:10:57.1] GC: How much do you have to actually get back to make that worth it? Are they going to send you like a 75 cent check or is it like you have to hit a $20 threshold?

[0:11:05.7] KT: Yeah, they all have thresholds that vary between — I don’t know? I’ve seen 10 to $25. I think the Ebates threshold is $25 in cash back.

[0:11:15.0] GC: So you really still have to do somewhat of a significant amount of shopping through them unless you’re just buying like a refrigerator one day and a stove in the next day and some other big thing?

[0:11:24.4] KT: Yeah, for a spender like me, that’s not a problem. But especially around the holidays, I got a nice fat check coming for me because I put all my Christmas shopping through there.

[0:11:35.1]GC: Nice. You bring up something interesting there. How does timing over the course of the year affect deal stacking?

[0:11:45.4] KT: It depends on what you want to buy. Things go on sale annually at different months. This time of year is a great time for example to buy fitness equipment, everybody’s made those New Year’s resolutions. That kind of stuff is on sale. It’s a great time of the year to buy winter clothing, those are all going on sale right now as retailers are getting ready to bring in their spring lines. And then later in the year, fall to early Christmas time is the best time to buy things like toys and electronics. So you sort of have to play the calendar there.

[0:12:24.9]GC: Yeah, I definitely find like if I need any sort of office supplies, back to school is the time to do it because everything all of a sudden turns dirt cheap and if you wait too long, it’s like you hit regular prices again. All of a sudden paper’s expensive and whatnot.

So I needed a new backpack and it was also back to school time. I was able to get nice deals and then I had gotten some coupon that helped out and I really made it a lot cheaper, worth the spending than if I had not gone through the trouble that I went through. Without explaining it, I mean hope that makes sense.

[0:13:01.2] MM: So I’m kind of going back a little bit though like through the Ebates thing. Is that another one of those things where you buy through Ebates and you can use your credit card so then you get the reward points plus you get the rebate back? Is that one of those wonderful stacking things that you use?

[0:13:16.0] KT: Yeah, exactly right and hopefully you have a coupon code or something to use as well.

[0:13:23.8] MM: Nice! See, this is the kind of thing I could get in to. When you were first coming on I was like gosh, we’re going to do more like couponing and, “Hey, bring your 50 cent coupon to buy something on sale and don’t forget that manufacturer’s coupon,” but this is definitely something I can get behind, I’m getting excited now.

[0:13:39.5]GC: As Miranda just trampled on some of our other guests, but that’s okay.

[0:13:44.1] PA: Talking about being lazy, one thing that I just did this past week that was so awesome is we we’re going on a vacation next week to Florida and we got a rental car and I went on, I searched around, I though I found what was a really good deal. I booked this car rental and I discovered this site called I don’t know if you guys ever checked this out but basically you just put your confirmation number in for the rental you’ve already gotten and they’ll recheck the pricing every day.

They basically do the rechecking for you and then they’ll tell you when they found a deal that saves you money. So I already thought I had a good deal but within a few days they sent me a deal that would save me $65 on my rental. It was like 20% off of my price that I already thought I had a good deal. So the Internet has all sorts of sites like that nowadays where it makes it super easy to save money, you don’t even have to really do anything. They basically just give you a link, click on the link, you book it and then you can give your link to cancel your previous reservation, so that’s pretty awesome.

[0:14:48.2] MM: One of the things I’ve kind of gotten into recently is this whole all of my loyalty programs are like connected now. With my credit card, with my hotel with my car rental rewards and they’re all sort of connected and giving me points and discounts and I had one where I had a credit card that was giving me a big discount for the car rental but then getting the car rental actually gave me points with my hotel loyalty program. And so it was like this one thing that just resulted in like an explosion of awesomeness.

[0:15:28.3] GC: So I mean, you’re talking loyalty. Is it worth it Kyle to sign up for all the different store offers and different loyalties that they have? I know for me I just talked about buying a backpack, that’s the one got me there was that I had joined Eastern Mountain Sports, their mailing list because every now and then they send out coupons and it just happened to be, it was back to school time plus they had a coupon, plus they had sent me like a sort of membership check for what I purchased in the past and all those things converge at the same time to make it really worth it. I know I could get inundated with emails too sometimes from everywhere coming in, saying, “Buy this or save this. Is that worth doing?”

[0:16:13.7] KT: I do think it’s worth doing but I have a separate email address I use just for shopping online because I don’t want all this emails coming to my regular email and cluttering. Plus, what I really like is when I know I need to go buy something, I can go into that email account and quickly search for coupon codes in the last 30 days that retailers have sent me.

Cause if they came to my regular account, they’re getting deleted right away. But in that account they’re all nicely stored there and I have all those coupon codes, all that rewards information in one place.

[0:16:49.2] GC: Yeah, what I found was, I was getting more emails every day and it seemed like the same stores were sending to me every day that I couldn’t even get to my regular emails, I’m just spending all this time either moving into another folder or deleting it. It was really getting ridiculous. But every now and then there is that diamond in the rough where it’s like really is a good deal, I was looking to do that anyway.

[0:17:09.5] KT: Yeah, well for me, as a guilty impulse buyer, I have to have those things away too. Those need to be out of sight so that I can’t be tempted on every lunch break to take advantage.

[0:17:21.5] GC: Yeah. One thing I used, I love the different email address that certainly works but I also use a service called and it’s good to unsubscribe to things but it will also just take everything that you want and put it together for you and just give you one email. So instead of getting like 50 emails from all over the place and just one every day. You don’t have to necessarily see every ad offer that’s in there.

[0:17:51.6] KT: I like that.

[0:17:54.2] GC: So what other hints and tips can you give us?

[0:17:57.9] KT: I can give you an example of a deal we saw today at the Penny Hoarder. So Kohl’s, which is a great place for stacking because they allow you to use multiple coupon codes. They allow you to use discounted gift cards and all these kinds of things. They had a Keurig on sale, normally $150 bucks, it was on sale for $95 but their gift cards were selling for 14% at a discount on We bought a Kohl’s gift card. We used a 15% off Kohl’s coupon, we got free shipping plus Kohl’s gave us $10 cash back and we used a cash back engine to get 6% cash back and so that $150 coffee maker all of a sudden only cost us $68 and you better believe it’s going to get some good use in our office.

[0:18:56.3] GC: I was going to say…

[0:18:57.4] KP: I thought by the end of all that, it was going to be like the coffee maker arrived with a $25 check to you at the end of all those coupons there. So that’s how the Penny Hoarder makes money now, we just buy stuff and they pay us to buy it.

[0:19:12.3] GC: I was going to say, at that point, that $65, you turned that around on eBay, sell it for $85 and you’re doing all right.

[0:19:20.8] KT: So for the last couple of years, I didn’t do it this year because the Penny Hoarders was a little busy but I bought over $100,000 in toys on Kohl’s at a discount and then resold them on Amazon. So that’s my little side gig the last couple of Christmases.

[0:19:39.0] GC: That’s a lot of toys. That’s like Newman Marcus Christmas Catalog, I’m going to buy next fighter life sized price.

[0:19:49.9] KT: Yeah, it definitely caused some strife around the house when I had a thousand Furbies in the garage.

[0:19:59.0] GC: I’m sure that’s a whole other episode worth of techniques there I think.

[0:20:06.9] KT: Point being though, those stackings, you can really get it extremely cheap and if you wanted to you could turn it around and make a profit.

[0:20:15.8] GC: Yeah, although, I’m guessing if people really catch on to that too much, that’s when it starts to get limited too, right?

[0:20:24.8] KT: Well the thing is that the retailer is still making money. All of these little things are coming in from different people. So I’m getting a discount on the gift card, that didn’t affect the retailer. My credit card cash back didn’t affect the retailer, they were going to have to pay credit card processing fees one way or another. Everybody sort of wins here, especially me.

[0:20:50.1] GC: There is some kind of economic velocity of money sort of case study in this where it’s like, we’re just creating more and more money in the economy. This is a good thing, we should all be doing it.

[0:21:05.6] KP: Pretty soon we’re going to have gift card default slots or something.

[0:21:11.6] GC: Yeah, this is quite interesting. So what else? Is this like all online stuff or is this stuff that you could go into the store also with? How does that work?

[0:21:21.0] KT: Yeah, so usually the best place for stacking is online because you can’t use the cash back engines when you’re going into a store but there are some things you can do for store shopping. There’s a couple of new apps out that will pay you to take a picture of the receipt you got from the retailer. Abata is one, you can use it at the grocery store, take a picture and they’ll give you cash back when you buy specific items but they also have cash back on things that don’t even have a brand.

For example, this week, you got 50 cents cash back if you bought a loaf of bread, we’re probably all are going to buy that. It’s a simple way to get a little bit of money. There’s another one called Receipt Pal which will pay you in points, not a lot of money, you’re not going to make more than 10 bucks a month but it’s just a fun way to take a picture of your receipt and they’ll give you a little bit extra spending cash.

[0:22:21.2] TD: Here in Canada, Checkout 51 does the same thing. You literally just take a picture of your receipt and I think it’s $20 threshold, they’ll send you a check back.

[0:22:32.6] KT: Yeah, I love Checkout 51 too, in fact I often — that’s another stacking trick I use at the store. Sometimes they have the same rebate so I can get rebate with one receipt.

[0:22:46.2] GC: It sounds like if you really do just maybe a little bit of homework, you just setup maybe a system that works, you can probably cut some fat off of every purchase. But I could also see this becoming something that’s almost dangerous too where you really just kind of go crazy. What does a person need to watch out for?

[0:23:06.8] KT: Well yeah, there’s a whole show on TLC about people who take it too far.

[0:23:13.9] KP: They have a thousand Furbies, for example?

[0:23:18.4] KT: I think you know you’ve taken it too far when you’re buying things you don’t need just for the rush. That’s when you know you need to stop.

[0:23:30.4] GC: That’s the thing, most people I think don’t know that and they’ll end up buying stuff that they think they might need or you feel that, “If I don’t buy it today, it’s not going to be on sale tomorrow.” Then if you're doing it on a credit card, this is where I think people who aren’t fond of using credit cards, maybe they’re right and that you could just end up charging a bunch of things where it’s like, “Okay, I bought that ice cream maker but I never make ice cream. But it was on sale and I got a great deal on it but I’m never really going to use it.”

[0:24:02.2] KT: Put the coupon down and walk out of the store, absolutely.

[0:24:07.2] TD: I’ve had that problem in the past. We have a site here called Red Flag Deals, there’s probably similar forums in the states where they’re just posting deals after deals or even something like Groupon and you see some of these discounts like, “Yeah, I need that,” and really you don’t. But it’s such a great deal that is hard to put aside but you got to remember all these stuff is really marketing programs, they’re trying to entice you to spend. People fall for it when they don’t’ really need to.

[0:24:33.7] GC: Yeah. Another thing. What’s interesting is, with all these deals that are out there, it really kind of makes you think how much companies are making off of us. They’re making enough profit that all these deals can go on and they’re still doing okay, which I always find interesting.

[0:24:52.6] KT: They do. Although a lot of times, some of the best deals are lost leaders. If you sort of know what to look for and just stick to those and only stick them if you actually need the product and you’ve already budgeted for it. You can start to walk out ahead.

[0:25:11.9] GC: So you really do have to know your own psychology, your own needs and really be able to control yourself but it sounds like you could do pretty well?

[0:25:20.1] KT: Sure, it’s like anything else, it’s like a diet, you still have to have self-control.

[0:25:24.9]GC: I think that’s probably the hardest thing for a lot of people unfortunately.

[0:25:28.5] KT: Absolutely.

[0:25:30.7]GC: Just quickly, are there — you said you can’t really get, you don’t do as well when you’re walking into the store but do any of these apps help you with that like is there Ebates that you could use in the store or is it really more just like after the fact with the receipts?

[0:25:46.8] KT: I find that yes there are some apps like that like the receipt apps and there’s some others like Shop Kick which will pay you to check in the stores, but I find that their rewards aren’t as close. I think it’s because that the brick and mortar retailers have a lot higher costs so they’re not able to offer you as big a discount as the online versions.

[0:26:10.9]GC: That makes sense. I guess like a place like a Kohl’s or whatever, Target. When they have this all deals it’s like in their factory space, the individual store that needs to sell it. So they can probably offer a little bit better deal right?

[0:26:23.6] KT: Yeah, exactly. They don’t have to pay for cashier and the retail space an all those kinds of things. They just, they’re sometimes they’re shipping it directly from the manufacturer.

[0:26:37.7] GC: Well you know what? This is a lot of great information and I like that we’re able to talk about fun ways to save here without really pulling the belt too tight, which is I think what we like to do here at the Money Mastermind Show. I mean, we like to save generally also too but we just think over our episodes that we like to spend a little money here and there. So let’s go around and we’ll have a final word on deal stacking. So Tom, what are your final words?

[0:27:07.3] TD: Just one thing I want to mention, we didn’t discuss too much about flyers and here in Canada there’s a site and an app called Flip that’s just amazing. Basically brings every flyer available, finds the best deal for anything from groceries to electronics, anything like that and you can basically circle them as if you were circling a real flyer and they’ll give you a big shopping list and you can hit town.

[0:27:29.5]GC: Like a flyer like something that they would roll up and put in to your door every Sunday or something like that?

[0:27:35.2] TD: Yeah, they’re just all in this one app so that you can see everything and make you customized list.

[0:27:42.0] MM: And it makes your list for you.

[0:27:43.0]GC: That’s pretty neat.

[0:27:44.1] MM: That is neat.

[0:27:45.4]GC: I tend to use all those things because I just don’t have the patience to go through them anymore.

[0:27:50.9] TD: That’s where those loss leaders are.

[0:27:54.9]GC: Peter, what’s your final word on deal stacking?

[0:27:58.1] PA: Well, it’s basically that there’s really no excuse to not save money when you're out shopping, whether it’s online or in person or whatever. Just make sure you’re finding ways that you can stack those deals, whether it’s buying items on sale, using store coupons, manufacturer coupons, using apps after the fact or like I did using a site after you’ve already purchased something to find a way to get money back or to cancel your reservation and get a better deal. Get online, do your research and you’re going to find tons of ways to save a ton of money.

[0:28:31.1]GC: Awesome. Miranda? Your final words?

[0:28:33.7] MM: Yay credit cards? Get those rewards. If you’re going to deal stack make sure you’re buying everything with your credit card and then paying off the balance so that you’re not getting charged interest but yes, definitely make sure you’re using that credit card.

[0:28:51.6] GC: Yeah I know like with Amex, every now and then they’ll just have these offers that you could sign up for where if you spend X amount of money you just get money back from them, which is always like, “That’s just awesome if I was going to do this anyway,” easy stuff. As long as you’re not doing it to purposely buy stuff you don’t need.

[0:29:07.9] MM: Yeah, it’s all about keeping in your budget. I just spend, well we’ve heard this before, I put even my rent on my credit card.

[0:29:18.3] KT: Love it.

[0:29:19.7] GC: Mr. Prevost so we don’t get confused with Kyle’s. What’s your final word?

[0:29:23.9] KP: My final word goes out to Glen Craig and teachers everywhere. Teachers pay teachers, great website, I don’t own any shares in it but it’s a great opportunity, cost saver if you’re a teacher. Where do you want to put your time? You wait for 28% deal off to come on with four or five times a year, you can stack that with product reviews, which they’ll pay you to do and then use that Miranda’s favorite credit card there and yeah, you can end up getting excellent resources for 1/60th of an hour wage or something like that.

[0:29:58.3] GC: Sounds good. Kyle, if you’ll close out our final word here on Deal stacking?

[0:30:03.4] KT: Yeah, I’ll just say, promise yourself, the next time you get to that check out page and you’re entering your credit card number, you’ll stop and take just an extra 60 seconds and check a site like Penny Hoarder or Cash Back-aholic and see if there is something you can stack to get that thing even cheaper. It’s not a lot of extra time but it will make such a huge impact on your budget.

[0:30:25.9]GC: Awesome. Speaking of this Penny Hoarder you speak of, why don’t’ you tell us a little bit about that and what you do online?

[0:30:33.6] KT: Yeah sure. The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance blogs, we set a new record last month, we reached over 10 million readers last month and our goal is really to put more money in our rear pockets. We showcase fun and sometimes silly ways to make and save extra money and we publish anywhere from six to 10 new ideas every day.

[0:30:57.8] GC: Sounds awesome Kyle and everybody out there go out and check it. You could be that 10 millionth and one person that gets in there. Thank you Kyle for joining us and thank you for providing our listeners with a lot of valuable tips and everybody out there, until next week. Be good with your money.

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Important issues discussed in this episode:

  • You don’t have to use extreme couponing to save big bucks.
  • How you can use credit cards to earn rewards points to reduce what you pay for travel.
  • Strategies for stacking rewards, loyalty programs, and rebates to get more for every dollar you spend.
  • Tips for figuring out which programs are best for you, depending on your priorities and preferences.
  • Ways to buy almost anything without paying full price.

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