MMS017: How Networking Can Help Your Career

MMS017: How Networking Can Help Your Career

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Episode 17 – How Networking Can Help Your Career – Coming to you live from FinCon, our panel is joined by an all-star cast to cut through all the buzzword-heavy noise that surrounds the mention of “networking” – and give you the straight goods on what really works.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • What’s the difference between authentic networking and robotic business card exchanging?
  • How do I network if I’m an introvert that is terrified of big groups?
  • Where should I be looking for networking opportunities?
  • Is it all about looking for people that I can ask for favors later?
  • How should I make the most out of events like conferences or gatherings that I think might be a good time to meet new people?

Fincon Attendees Who Gave Us Their Best Networking Tip Thanks to all those Fincon attendees who gave us their best networking tip. In order of appearance:

Links, Tools, and Programs To Help You Network

Panelists In This Episode:

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