MMS018: Why Aren’t We Investing?

MMS018: Why Aren’t We Investing?

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Episode 18 – Why Aren’t We Investing? – In this episode we come to you live from the 2014 FinCon Expo where we welcome special guest Joe Berman with Country Financial. Country Financial found that 51% of people surveyed weren’t investing. The question is – why?


Some important issues discussed in this episode:

  • Why aren’t people investing? What’s holding them back?
  • How you can start investing with a small amount of money.
  • It’s possible to build wealth over time with investing, since, over time, the market trend smooths upward.
  • Indexing is a good way to take advantage of market growth while limiting risk, since you don’t have to worry about picking stocks.

Links, Tools, and Programs To Help You Get Started Investing

Panelists In This Episode:

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