MMS022: Understanding The Importance Of Cash Flow

MMS022: Understanding The Importance Of Cash Flow

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Before you can invest and become a millionaire or even before you can begin to tackle those debt problems you got yourself into, you first have to master the fundamentals of personal finance (channeling my old basketball coach tonight apparently) and that means learning how to manage your cash flow.  Tech innovator Ram Palaniappan is in the Money Mastermind house this week to share with us some cashflow insights he has gained in the process of creating his new tech-friendly lending start up.  Join us as we put an new spin on some old school ideas that have proven their worth over time.


Some important insights discussed in this episode:

  • Americans spend more on overdraft fees than fresh vegetables every year ($32 billion) – are you part of this statistic?
  • Payday loans are such a highly profitable business that there are more payday loan locations in the USA than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined.
  • Why managing your cashflow might be the most important aspect of personal finance.
  • What’s the difference between managing your cashflow and budgeting?
  • What tools are there out there that can help you manage your cashflow?
  • Cashflow isn’t just about managing your “outflows” or “outputs”, but analyzing your inputs as well.

Links To Help You Manage Your Cashflow

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