MMS024: How To Create The Lifestyle You Want

MMS024: How To Create The Lifestyle You Want

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Episode 24 – How To Create The Lifestyle You Want – His personal finance expertise and online success might only be surpassed by his knowledge of all things Comic Con… the one and only JD Roth lets us in on how he has created the lifestyle he desired from very inauspicious personal finance beginnings.  Join us as JD details how he went from “peak materialism” to one of the most widely-read personal finance bloggers in the business.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Where does your identity come from and what do you truly value in life?
  • What is “peak materialism” and how will you know if you hit it?
  • How do we help others understand why this whole personal finance things is important?
  • Why is Peter dropping the following Mark Twain-sourced wisdom on us? “Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”
  • What is de-cluttering and why does it make you feel so good?

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