MMS003: How To Have A Frugal Summer Despite Rising Costs

MMS003: How To Have A Frugal Summer Despite Rising Costs

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Want to have some fun in the sun, without getting burned by expensive costs?  The Money Mastermind crew has you covered (*insert sunscreen pun here*).  Tune in to listen to Tom, Peter, Glen, Miranda and Kyle talk about how to save on sunny vacations, summer-specific budget considerations, and generally enjoy many people’s favorite time of the year without breaking the bank. Frugal summer fun here we come!


Key Takeaways From This Episode

Some important points made in this episode:

  • According to American Express, the average American family of four will spend $4,580 on vacation travel this summer. (source)
  • 28 million families with children under 18 plan to spend hundreds of dollars on their kids this summer — adding up to more than $16.6 billion. (source)
  • The average American family expects to dole out an average of $601 per child this summer, according to data released by American Express, based on a random sample of 2,008 adults. Affluent families, with annual household incomes of more than $100,000, are dishing out double that amount — at an average of $1,116 per kid. (source)
  • Can your business help pay for your vacation? (source)
  • Do cottages and/or RVs offer a good bang for your buck?  Maybe renting is the way to go?


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Panelists In This Episode:

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2 Responses to MMS003: How To Have A Frugal Summer Despite Rising Costs

  1. Good tips on this roundtable discussion on how not to waste money during summer. Most people don’t think of this is and splurge during summer.

    • To a certain degree I think a lot of people turn off their budgeting skills during the summer. They just want to relax, go on vacation and not have to think about budgeting, saving or frugality. Unfortunately that means that they’re leaving a lot of money on the table!

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