MMS033: How To Use Your Time And Money For Good

MMS033: How To Use Your Time And Money For Good

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Executive Summary

Earning money is fun, watching your account balance grow can be very satisfying, but when it comes to that warm feeling inside, giving your cash away might be the most rewarding thing we can do where money is concerned.  Friend of the show Luke Landis is back and he brought his playoff beard with him!  We talk about what responsible giving might look like, how to make sure your given dollar goes as far as it can (whether it’s a Loonie or a Greenback), and we’ll even get slightly philosophical as we discuss what reasons people have for giving.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Should I be giving to charity if I’m in debt?
  • Are my taxes enough when it comes to giving to others?
  • Where and how is it best to give?  Which groups/organizations are for real?
  • Do people give for good reasons?  Can you tell who was a “good person” by looking at donation plaques on bridges, hospitals, and/or museum wings?

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