MMS036: How To Build A Better Investing Portfolio

MMS036: How To Build A Better Investing Portfolio

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Executive Summary

Your portfolio doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be average to be better than most.  A reasonable person might wonder how that could be true, but then again, a reasonable person wouldn’t conceive of the myriad of ways the financial industry had come up with to siphon off your savings and investments.  Barbara Friedberg from joins us to explain how low maintenance investing strategies, combine with a basic understanding of concepts such as asset allocation and cutting down on investing fees can have you coming out ahead.  Tune in to hear our thoughts on what your portfolio should look like depending on your investment goals and interest in time commitment going forward.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Do you need a separate portfolio for each of your savings and investment goals?
  • Is your company pension plan a good idea?
  • Is asset allocation really that important?  I thought investing was about picking good stocks?
  • What do our investment portfolios have in them?
  • What is a robo advisor?  Are they a good middle ground between doing it myself and paying crazy amounts of fees?

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