MMS037: Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Financial Gurus

MMS037: Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Financial Gurus

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Executive Summary

Don’t listen to financial gurus… unless you consider us gurus… then only listen to us!  Confused yet?  We brought in in Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins to help us sort it all out.  He wrote a whitepaper examining the value (or lack thereof) of what these “gurus” are putting out there on TV and other forms of media.  Tune in to hear us explain why popular financial advice is often flawed and how you can identify where the best sources of information are for you.


Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Is the goal of financial gurus on TV to inform or to entertain?  How does this affect you?
  • What’s the difference between us and the gurus?
  • How does anyone identify who is a “good guru” is and who is selling snake oil?  Perhaps video games can help!
  • Should you ever listen to one person exclusively when it comes to your money?
  • Who do we like to listen to on money-related advice?

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