MMS004: Experiences Vs Things: Which Is The Best Way To Spend Your Money?

MMS004: Experiences Vs Things: Which Is The Best Way To Spend Your Money?

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Join us this week as we toss around the idea of whether it is more rewarding to spend money on experiences or “things”. We brought in an “experiences expert” – the always-entertaining Martin from the Studenomics personal finance blog – and hilarity ensued. Tune in for some insights on how to find the personal balance between pursuing experiences and stuff in your life.


Key Takeaways From This Episode

Some important points made in this episode:

  • What does science have to say about spending your money and correlation to happiness?
  • Tips on how to re-orient your mindset away from the commercialism that is so prevalent in North America.
  • If it’s a really cool experience or item it’s ok to go into debt right?
  • Martin explains how a garage sale can reveal the seedy underbelly of materialism.
  • Take our $100 experience vs stuff challenge and see the results for yourself.


Items/Services Mentioned In This Show

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