MMS005: How Much Should You Pay For Kids’ College?

MMS005: How Much Should You Pay For Kids’ College?

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Want to stir up a crowd in a hurry?  Walk into a room and say, “I think that good parents owe it to their kids to help them pay for college.”  Rob Carrick – author of How Not to Move Back in with Your Parents and personal finance columnist for the Globe and Mail – joins us to help us sort out the facts and emotions behind financially supporting young adults as they head off to college or university.


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • With rising school costs, is it essential that parents help their children pay for their post-secondary schooling?
  • If parents want to financially help their kids, what is an appropriate or ideal amount of help?
  • Should putting money away for your child’s education take priority over saving for your retirement?
  • Is it realistic to assume young adults can still work their way through college or university?
  • Is it right attach “strings” or expectations to financial help?
  • Why communication about financial realities between parent and child is so important.


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