MMS056: Funny Financial Stories

MMS056: Funny Financial Stories

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Executive Summary

Are you looking for a little comic relief when it comes to money? In this fun episode featuring the always-entertaining Joe Saul-Sehy, we talk about our funny money stories. Some of the highlights include:

  • A couple whose weekly budget included $100 for marijuana
  • The hope of winning $25,000, only to be disappointed
  • A teenager who managed to (accidentally) mount a car on a brick mailbox
  • Two college kids who got stranded in the desert and a $435 tow bill
  • The time a few thousand Canadians drank all the beer in a small North Dakota town

These are true funny financial stories from our panelists. If you have your own funny financial stories, we’d love to see them in the comments.

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[0:00:02] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Money Mastermind Show. Let’s Talk Money.

[0:00:19.0] GC: Welcome to the Money Mastermind Show. Too often we talk about financial horror stories and the sad things that tend to happen to us with debt and whatnot. I don’t think we talk enough about the funny side of personal finance and believe it or not there is actually a funny side. Tonight we have Joe Saul-Sehy of Stacking Benjamins to help us around the campfire and tell some stories that will bring a chuckle to us. I’m not quite selling it there.

[0:00:47.6] JSS: I was going to say that’s the high bar Glenn.

[0:00:53.2] GC: Welcome to our show Joe, it’s always great to have you here.

[0:00:57.1] JSS: I’m thankful you guys let me back in the door. That was very nice of you.

[0:01:01.7] GC: We tend not to close it so that’s a problem. The rest of the Money Mastermind show for those out there Is Kyle Prevost of, Miranda Marquit of Planting Money Seeds, Peter Anderson of Bible Money Matters, Tom Drake of the Canadian finance blog and I’m Glenn Craig of Free from broke.

We got to do something to shorten that up there because that’s a mouthful every week. Anyway, before we start, if you’re out there and you’re watching us and you’re on our event page, if you have a funny story or you want to know about something that we’re talking about, drop us a line there, we want to hear from you.

We certainly talk about too much downer stuff I think with personal finance. It’s summer time, let’s have some fun, what’s out there that we could cheer people up with and kind of ease things along? What do you got for us Joe?

[0:02:00.0] JSS: I feel like you’re going, “Dance monkey boy, dace.”

[0:02:07.7] KP: I’m just happy you brought the world’s largest war game collection in the back Joe.

[0:02:09.3] JSS: Yeah,

[0:02:09.7] KP: Always good to see there.

[0:02:11.1] JSS: Not bad, there are nerds that make me look like a little tiny nerd but yeah, that’s my nerd room right there. You guys know how high cellphone bills are right? Your phone bill is through the roof and a few years ago, I went on a camping trip, I was still a practicing financial adviser.

For people that don’t know me, I used to be a financial planner for 16 years so I have all these clients that rely on me and I’m going to Canada with my dad, I lived in Michigan at the time, and a bunch of his friends on this fishing trip. I ask my dad. Hey, where we’re going which is near Timmons in Ontario which apparently according to my dad, he knows this very well, that’s where Shania Twain’s from?

[0:02:52.1] PA: It’s their claim to fame.

[0:02:54.6] MM: You got to have one.

[0:02:56.1] GC: Obviously, everybody know that too in Canada.

[0:03:00.0] JSS: My dad and all his friends every night, let’s go into town and I kept saying, she’s not going to be there guys, she’s not gonna be there. And if she is there, she’s not going to look at you. Anyway, I said to my dad, I said, “I really need my phone to work.” My dad said, “Yeah, no problem, it’s going to work.” Guess what? We crossed the border to Ontario and immediately my phone doesn’t work.

They have to drive into town and this fish camp that we’re staying at, I have this little card, I’ve got this calling card that they go by me and I’m standing in the middle of this guy’s living room that runs the fish camp once a day to talk to my assistant about what’s going on at the office. Just painful.

About six weeks later, I’m headed to a conference in Toronto and I already know my phone probably isn’t going to work but I decide to call Sprint and find out if there’s a way that they can maybe flip on service. Here’s what happened. I call up and this woman who said that her name is Jane and I’m fairly certain her name wasn’t Jane.

[0:04:03.9] GC: Was her last name Doe?

[0:04:05.1] JSS: Yeah. Her name was, “I’m way across the world from you”, right? She said, “May I help you?” I said, “Yeah, I’m headed to Toronto Canada and I’d like to know if my phone’s going to work.” She said, “Yeah, I’d certainly like to help you with that sir but can I get some information from you first?” Which of course meant she hasn’t heard a word I said right?

She asked me for everything, what my blood type is, all this stuff and finally, she goes, okay. She verifies that I’m me. :What can I help you with?” Again. I said, “I’m going to Toronto Canada and I want to know if my phone’s going to work because I don’t want to pay this exorbitant phone bill, I don’t want to get a phone card,” and she said, “Okay, I’ll certainly look that up for you. Where was that again?”

I said, “Toronto Canada.” She said, “Okay, I’ll be right back. Be right back.” She was gone forever, this woman is gone for maybe 10 minutes, it felt like just forever and she comes back and goes, “Excuse me sir, where was that you were going again?” I said, “Toronto, Ontario, Canada.” She said, “What’s this about? I don’t want — I need to make sure my phone will work, I don’t want a monster phone bill, I want to find out, figure out what the best plan is.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll be right back.” She’s gone again for like another 15 minutes. She finally comes back and she say the most amazing customer service thing anybody’s ever said to me. She said, “Sir,” I said, “Yes.” Thank goodness she’s back. I said, “Yes?” She goes, “Sir, it appears that Toronto Canada isn’t in the United States.” I couldn’t help myself. I said, “Since when?”

[0:05:55.9] MM: Everyone knows that Canada is America Junior.

[0:06:00.1] JSS: Who knew?

[0:06:04.4] KP: Half of Canada would tell you that you guys could have Toronto and we wouldn’t miss it.

[0:06:10.3] JSS: You’d trade it for a player to be named later?

[0:06:13.5] MM: Would you rather trade Toronto or Montreal? Which one do you guys want to get rid of more?

[0:06:21.8] KP: It’s not good, we got two prairie boys on the show, we’ll get ourselves in trouble if we start answering these questions.

[0:06:30.9] GC: We might have some new Americans on the show if we keep on down this line.

[0:06:37.1] JSS: That’s my cellphone to start to kick it off.

[0:06:39.1] GC: You must hit the first her on the first day of training, she didn’t get that age yet.

[0:06:43.8] JSS: I don’t’ know if you ever called support at any of those phone places.

[0:06:48.9] PA: Question is, did you ever get your answer? You still don’t know if your phone works in Toronto.

[0:06:53.8] JSS: I did, I had to ask for her supervisor and it was going to be very expensive Pete, it was going to be incredibly expensive.

[0:07:03.0] MM: Nice.

[0:07:04.1] GC: I guess the dollar didn’t translate well over there then.

[0:07:06.8] JSS: Apparently not.

[0:07:11.6] GC: What other funny stories do we have? What else has happened to you guys or crazy happen stance and such?

[0:07:22.6] MM: Well.

[0:07:22.7] GC: Let’s not all jump in there at once.

[0:07:29.9] MM: The end of my freshman year in College, I’m happy, I’m excited because I’m completing my first year living away from home and I’m so self-sufficient and I’m so wonderful and I don’t need my parents for anything because now I have it figured out. I decided to go on a camping trip with a good friend of mine and we got in the car.

We were going to do back packing, we were going to go into the Glen Canyon Recreation area and we were going to backpack, it wasn’t a very long back packing trip, like five miles or something into the shore of Lake Powell and we were going to stay there for a couple of days and then come back out.

It was going to be amazing and wonderful. As we were going down this dirt road and my Mercury Topaz, on a dirt road in my Mercury Topaz, we hit this big rock and we were about 30 miles down the dirt road. I call it nowhere, this town called big water and it’s really nowhere. There are no services there, just the marking point where you get off the main road and head off in to something approximating wilderness.

So we hit this rock and it flattens the tire and we go to change it and he’s ready to show me what an awesome guy he is, he can change a flat tire and we get in there and there are no tools in my car, all there is this little plastic thing that you’re supposed to fit over the nut and make it turn. The plastic thing breaks and now we can’t get the spare tire out, we don’t know what to do. So I start driving on this flat tire and if I had known then what I know now about rims, I would never have done this thing. Because this is a dirt road.

We start going but I’m afraid to go really fast, we’re going slow and we hit this stream that we had crossed on the way over and it’s all muddy, it’s this muddy stream and I wasn’t going fast enough to splash through it this time so we’re stuck. The car’s stuck in this muddy stream and we’re like, “Ah screw it.” We pitched the tent and then in the morning get up with the sun and start walking. We start walking our 30 miles to big water.

[0:09:42.2] GC: Get the car stuck in the muddy stream?

[0:09:45.3] MM: That’s right. Anyway, long story not quite as long as it could be, we finally find somebody, we meet somebody along the way, they take us into the Page Arizona and I call my mom because what else am I going to do. I call my mom and she gives me her credit card number and says. Go ahead, have them tow the car and have them get a new tire put on it.

I’m just sitting here going, “Yeah, I can function in the real world without my mom.” We give them the credit card, the guy has to drive out there in a rainstorm, to bring the car back and three weeks later when my parents get the bill, my mom shows it to me, it’s a $435 tow bill.

[0:10:35.9] JSS: Just the tow bill?

[0:10:37.8] MM: Just the tow bill.

[0:10:40.7] JSS: Holy cow.

[0:10:41.5] MM: Just the tow bill.

[0:10:44.1] GC: How bad was the rim and the tire and everything else?

[0:10:45.9] MM: The rim was fine, I was really actually pleased. They were surprised but we did have to replace the tire of course but yeah, the rim survived. The car, well, that’s another story what happened to the car later. We’ll let somebody else tell a story now.

[0:11:03.5] JSS: My question Miranda is if he was really macho you shouldn’t have him replace the tire, you should had him call his mom to get money. That’s the way to go.

[0:11:14.8] KP: Real men call their mom.

[0:11:22.7] GC: That’s funny.

[0:11:26.6] KP: Picturing Miranda in the desert, reminds me of past experiences we’ve had on the show but.

[0:11:31.9] GC: Flash backs?

[0:11:32.2] MM: I was completely sober and mostly out there.

[0:11:34.7] KP: Speaking of funny stories.

[0:11:39.5] MM: I did have a monster sun burn at the end of this ordeal because I just sun burned everywhere.

[0:11:47.5] GC: All sorts of life lessons for the audience.

[0:11:51.3] JSS: But it was the best day ever.

[0:11:53.4] MM: No, no it really wasn’t.

[0:11:59.0] GC: It was certainly a day to remember though.

[0:12:05.5] PA: I could tell you guys about how I won $25,000 a couple of days ago.

[0:12:08.6] JSS: Dude.

[0:12:09.6] PA: Kind of exciting.

[0:12:11.2] MM: You won $25,000?

[0:12:15.7] GC: Via email?

[0:12:20.0] PA: No, I was at work the other day and my wife gave me a call, very excited, I just got a call, we won this contest that I entered on HGTV or whatever. All we have to do is go in and go into this direct buy show room and just bring in our ID’s, both of us go in and once we get there they’re going to — well no, we haven’t actually won the $25,000, we’re one of five people who will have a chance to win the $25,000.

So I’m like, “This doesn’t sound quite right, something’s going on here.” I’m already spending the $25,000 in my head, what we could use that money for. Then I’m like, “Well, Something’s not quite right here.” I get online, I search for HGTV direct buy contest. I find out that this is a kind of a scammy thing that they do to get people into their showroom.

They get you in there, they tell you, you may have won a price and they give you a key and you find out if your key fits the lock or something after they give their two hour long presentation about their $5,000 membership that you have to buy in order to use their direct buying club or whatever.

[0:13:41.8] GC: This is like a Super Costco?

[0:13:45.5] PA: It’s kind of a place where you can buy furniture and cabinets and other things direct from the manufacturers supposedly. Supposedly it’s supposed to be a really good deal but we go online and search for people, right. Most people say, “Oh it’s a great deal if you’re building a house,” or something like that.

Then you go online and you find all these reviews from people that are buying, they say bought this $5,000 membership and then their store close within two months and they can only buy things online, they weren’t able to see things in person and it just, they have like a one out of five star rating in better business bureau and all those other stuff.

[0:14:26.9] GC: That’s probably just the people who didn’t win the $25,000.

[0:14:30.5] PA: Yeah.

[0:14:31.0] GC: To be fair.

[0:14:32.6] PA: That one guy.

[0:14:35.9] GC: Something good happens, you don’t bother to write a review right? It’s only the negative people.

[0:14:39.7] PA: Unfortunately it wasn’t us so I had to stop spending that money in my head and.

[0:14:44.6] GC: You went down there?

[0:14:46.0] PA: No, we never actually went down because I did my research. I don’t want to spend three hours on a Saturday sitting through a presentation.

[0:14:54.3] GC: $25,000.

[0:14:55.8] JSS: It could have been you man.

[0:14:58.8] GC: Unclaimed money.

[0:15:00.2] PA: They say, you’re one of eight people that have a chance of winning but you go online and there’s about 50,000 people that have gotten the same phone call.

[0:15:09.4] MM: It’s like when you go to the car dealerships where they mail out all those keys and they’re like, “You might have won a new car, bring your key down and give it a try.”

[0:15:19.9] GC: My kids love that.

[0:15:22.3] KP: Yeah, we got a direct buyer article on our site that’s pretty popular and I’d say about half are like atrocious and then from there, the other half there’s a few sort of neutral, they were like, “Ah it was okay.” They didn’t get ripped off and then there were a few that were like, “Yeah, if I’m a landlord and I have four units or whatever I think I’d save money using direct buy.”

Anyway, just to give people out there proportional, if they’ll be happy with this, I don’t know. Then there are lot of people especially from the states that were like, “Yeah, even their low price items are like on sale at Minards for cheaper anyway,” but it seem to be a better deal for Canadian customers judging from the comments in our site just so people have a little bit of background.

[0:16:07.9] GC: If you’re like the Canadian Donald Trump, it might pay for itself.

[0:16:11.7] JSS: Yeah. Direct buy, if you’d like to sponsor the Money Mastermind Show.

[0:16:16.8] PA: Yeah, sorry guys, I didn’t mean to blow it.

[0:16:19.0] KP: For landlords everywhere.

[0:16:23.0] GC: Send your show room offers too.

[0:16:26.7] PA: Speaking of a sales presentations. Sales presentations, I think Joe, I think you mentioned you might have a story about a sales presentation?

[0:16:37.4] JSS: It was fabulous, we were going down to run the Disney marathon with some friends and I always buy my rooms on hot wire. I get great deals and every once in a while I get a really rotten room and I just feel like that’s just the cost of entry. I’ve got the great deal so many times I’m like, “Well, one out of 10 is just going to suck.”

Anyway, we get this phenomenal deal for two families for this two bedroom condo just off Disney property. It is an amazing deal and when we show up, these are great condos. We go to the front desk to check in and it’s this beautiful room and we check in and the guy said, “Hey, we have to send you over to Maria because you won a prize.”

I’m like, “It’s our lucky day.” We go over to Maria and Maria says, “Hey, what do you think?” I’m like, “This place is great, this is fantastic.” Everybody else is with me including Sheryl my spouse is kind of hanging back because they knew and Joe’s a moron and he had no idea what was coming right?

I’m like, “Yeah, this is a great place.” She’s like, “Well would you like to stay here every time you come down?” I’m like, “Yeah, the prices are like this, absolutely.” She’s like, “Here’s the deal. We can give you discount tickets to the park, are you going to the park?” I said, “Well yeah, we’re definitely going to the park,” and she said, “Well we can give you discount tickets.”

I’m like, “What would be great, what do we have to do to get the tickets?” She goes, “Well, I’m going to give you the tickets and you’ll get the tickets right after you go to this presentation where you learn about buying into the place here.” All of a sudden, I got it right? Except the story I just told you was maybe a minute, she had gone on for maybe five minutes because Joe just does not understand.

[0:18:23.0] GC: Financial adviser folks.

[0:18:25.4] MM: I was going to say, I totally want you managing my money now.

[0:18:29.7] JSS: How did I even last 16 years in that business. The woman said, “So what happens is you go to this presentation and right after the presentation we’ll give you the discount tickets.” There’s this long pause and I said, “What happens if I don’t go, do I still get the tickets?”

Her face just turns bright red and she realized that I’ve completely wasted her time. Just completely. It’s funny because our friends Doug and Jennifer, they were both like, “You were way nicer to her, we couldn’t figure out what was going on.” I’m like, “It’s because I had no idea what was going on.”

[0:19:10.1] GC: It was a good pitch.

[0:19:11.9] MM: Fantastic.

[0:19:14.1] KP: Oh the time share trap

[0:19:15.6] MM: Did you get to stay in the condo from your Hotwire booking?

[0:19:19.0] JSS: I did.

[0:19:20.2] MM: Okay.

[0:19:20.5] JSS: We still get the condo, it was fantastic.

[0:19:24.0] GC: Do you think that that deal was just a kind of a way to get people in?

[0:19:27.2] JSS: Absolutely.

[0:19:28.7] GC: They just kind of saw you there and they were like, “Oh this a poor man.”

[0:19:31.8] JSS: No, it was because the people behind us, it was the same thing. You got to go see Marie because you just won a prize. Looking back on that, I can’t believe how happy I was guys, :I won a prize, I never win anything.”

[0:19:46.9] GC: Something special.

[0:19:48.7] JSS: Which is a different story. All my friends here in Texarkana are ultra-marathoners and one of my best friends run a hundred mile race and I like to pace them for maybe I’ll go 20 miles. I’ll pace them for part of it but believe it or not, they have ultra-marathon film festivals. Who knew, there’s something for everybody right?

Where you go and you watch movies about people running through the woods for a hundred miles. Friends of ours are going to go to little rock which is two hours away to watch these ultra-marathon movies and just…

[0:20:23.4] KP: Are they going to run there?

[0:20:26.6] GC: A hundred miles long? Is it a 24 hour movie or…

[0:20:31.3] JSS: What’s funny is, we’re going to be there Glenn for four hours and we’re going to watch like, there’s like 10 of them. There’s short movies, all different size of movies. They’re actually were pretty fun, they were more fun than I thought they would. I was just was going, because a bunch of my friends were going.

We go to this theatre, we drive two hours, we have a nice dinner and we’re sitting in this theatre and they have the first half of the thing and the second half. Between those, they’re having a raffle where they’re giving away ultra-marathoner stuff. Everybody in our group is an ultra-marathoner but me and they have this one huge prize that you can win a free ticket to get in to one of their ultra-marathons that’s already sold out. Apparently ultra-marathons sell out. Like tons of people want to do this thing. And so I lean over to Sheryl and I said, “I never win anything, I know I’m going to win this.” Guess who won?

[0:21:24.8] MM: Nice.

[0:21:26.0] KP: It’s non-transferable I suppose?

[0:21:29.2]JSS: Luckily our friend Christie, she ran, it was the Columbia gorge 60 mile run. And so we got to go to Portland to support her run that I got her for free.

[0:21:44.6] MM: Nice. I have a question for you Joe. Do any of your friends, have any of them done the ultra-marathon that they do around Bear Lake every year? Southern Idaho, Northern Utah?

[0:21:56.7] JSS: No, but that’s a fantastic Ultra.

[0:22:02.9] GC: What makes one fantastic and another one not as fantastic. Because for me, fantastic would be like, if it were all downhill and maybe slide off about 80 miles or so.

[0:22:14.3] MM: Bear Lake is very scenic.

[0:22:15.9] GC: Beer slide for a hundred miles perhaps.

[0:22:19.6] PA: I think I’d like to drive that in my car.

[0:22:21.2] GC: Yeah.

[0:22:23.6] MM: I just go to bear lake to hang out in the lake, we go play in the water, I don’t run around it.

[0:22:29.6] JSS: Any ultra-marathon where they let you drive your car right? That’s the winner.

[0:22:34.7] GC: Ride a bike even.

[0:22:37.6] JSS: I saw this thing last week which was an instant gratification race and it’s a cartoonish show, there’s all these people on the starting line and the starter goes, ready, set, go get your T shirts.

[0:22:53.6] PA: My kind of race.

[0:22:56.1] GC: That’s the good one.

[0:22:57.1] PA: They just have to have the Instagram booth right beside. You take the photo and prove you did it right?

[0:23:04.1] JSS: “I made it the whole way.”

[0:23:07.0] KP: To all my friends out there who keep posting every time they do a race through mud, paint, chains, cold, every other Spartan tough mudder, wannabe tough guy, that’s called a hike from my house where I live okay? It’s really not that impressive.

[0:23:25.2] GC: That’s getting them now.

[0:23:28.5] MM: Uphill both ways.

[0:23:32.2] GC: Rotten kids these days.

[0:23:35.6] JSS: You’ve got to have kids stories, somebody’s got to have a kid story?

[0:23:39.2] MM: I was going to say, we won round trip tickets from Salt lake to San Diego but it was a raffle I had entered just before I moved from Utah to Syracuse, New York. We couldn’t use the tickets so I gave them back but then about two weeks after I gave the tickets back and couldn’t ever have them again. Then we decided we were going to move back to Utah and I would have been able to use the tickets…

[0:24:07.0] JSS: Of course.

[0:24:07.9] MM: …afterall.

[0:24:09.5] GC: No good deal.

[0:24:11.1] MM: That’s right.

[0:24:15.2] PA: I don’t have a kid story about kids here, about people will try to take advantage of you. I read this in the local paper about a guy, his neighbor’s son syphoned fuel out of his lawn mower and then he put it in his car.

[0:24:32.3] MM: My gosh.

[0:24:31.8] PA: What he didn’t realize is that the fuel mixture that was in the lawn mower does not work well in a car and it actually ended ruining the engine in the car. Here’s the part where the guy is trying to take advantage. The kid’s dad then says it was his neighbor’s fault and actually insisting now that he pays for his son’s repair bill for the car.

[0:24:51.8] JSS: You’re kidding me.

[0:24:52.4] MM: My gosh.

[0:24:53.8] GC: For not having what? Like a super high powered lawn mower that took on full on…

[0:25:00.9] PA: Apparently, apparently. I don’t know. It’s a little ridiculous but there’s always going to be somebody out there trying to take advantage of you who thinks you’re going to be stupid and okay fine, I’ll pay for a new engine in the car.

[0:25:12.1] JSS: That dad teaches good stuff too isn’t he?

[0:25:14.7] PA: Yeah, good life lesson there.

[0:25:16.5] GC: it’s like a whole interesting level of accountability, “I was so wrong that the only way I could save faces if I say it’s your fault.”

[0:25:26.1] PA: Pretty much.

[0:25:27.2] JSS: It wasn’t me.

[0:25:28.7] MM: Nice.

[0:25:33.8] JSS: My son one morning came down stairs, he was the captain of his high school swim team and the second he turned 16, we let him drive by himself because I didn’t like waking up at five AM. He’d been driving for maybe three weeks and he and his sister are twins. They both started driving and he comes down at about 5:30 when he’s supposed to be at practice and he’s shaking.

He wakes me up and he says, this is the best quote ever, “Dad, there’s something wrong with the car. When you hear there’s something wrong with the car, what do you think you know? What would you — It won’t start.

[0:26:18.2] PA: Flat tire. It won’t start.

[0:26:19.4] JSS: Absolutely. Yeah, so we start walking towards the driveway and I said exactly that. I said, “So, what’s going on? Would the car not start?” He goes, “No, it’s a little worse than that.” We go to the side and my driveway goes uphill and my neighbor’s house across is directly across — I have a neighbor directly across the road and here’s the story that I found out.

My daughter likes Glee, my son does not like Glee and my daughter had a Glee CD in on full blast and my son started up the car, pressed on the gas then decided to take the Glee CD out. Well, when he moved to take the Glee CD out, he put his head down a little bit, he thought he was stepping on the break, he stepped on the gas and because he’s 16 and his brain is not attached to foot, he thought he would step on it harder.

So he ends up going by a driveway, apparently my road must have a little crest because he had to have gotten airborne because my Saturn car that we were letting him use has decapitated my neighbor’s brick mail box and it’s sitting on top of it. Two wheels are off the ground, there’s two wheels on the ground, the whole left side of the car is off the ground, the right side is on the ground.

The car is sitting like right on the oil pan in the middle of the car. Every neighbor that came out, cause of course every neighbor comes out to see what idiots we are. Every neighbor that came out, the first question is, well, we’re in Texas so it’s, “How’d he do that?” We still have no idea, that gets funny because we called the wrecker and they come out with a flatbed like they usually do, you know that they’re going to hook chains up to.

The guy stops and he gets out and he looks at the car and he realizes, he’s not going to take it off, because it’s mounted. You’re going to drag it off the top. He takes out his phone and he goes yeah, I got to call this in, I got to show them a picture so they can see exactly what to bring out because we’re going to need more help. He takes a picture and I’m like, he’s posting this to his personal Facebook account. “Look at what I saw this morning.” It was amazing

[0:28:59.0] PA: What was wrong with that car Joe? I tell you.

[0:29:02.1] JSS: There’s something wrong with the car.

[0:29:05.0] PA: It went airborne, there’s something wrong with it I tell you.

[0:29:06.8] JSS: This car would not go all the way over the mailbox, that’s what’s wrong with the car. It’s a piece of dirt.

[0:29:11.9] GC: It was obviously shaped wrong, it didn’t fit over, come on Joe, you got to give him the right equipment.

[0:29:20.7] JSS: They did, not that you really care but they took that flat bed and hooked up lines from one end and then they took a wrecker on the other side that had a lift and they hooked them up from the other end and they raised both ends at the same time and moved it over and set it down. Believe it or not, there was minimal damage.

[0:29:41.4] MM: Amazing.

[0:29:44.6] GC: That must have really tested the limits of those tow guys though. They were like, “I can use everything that I am, this is my whole career, I’m putting it towards finishing this job.”

[0:29:55.9] TD: “This is the final exam baby.”

[0:29:59.0] GC: “Nothing is more complex than this.”

[0:30:01.0] MM: They’ve got this picture, they can use another advertisements. “We can get you out of anything.”

[0:30:09.0] GC: Now they’ve proved it right?

[0:30:15.4] PA: Speaking of expensive car accidents, another one I heard of through some friends with a kid crashing a car. The parents were away on vacation and they had left their older kids, 17, 16 at home and they came home to find out that not only had one of their car’s been wrecked but both of their cars had been wrecked in the same accident.

Apparently the kid had come home and accidentally gunned it or something an dot on the one car into the other car and the front end of the one car was accordion and the side of the other car buckled in. That’s a fun one to try to explain to the insurance company. “Yeah, we have a claim to make. Not just on the one car, on both cars. Same accident.”

[0:30:59.7] GC: From the teenage child. Those rates didn’t just stay the same.

[0:31:06.5] MM: My brother was backing out of my parent’s driveway and my car was parked kind of next to it. My mom was telling him as he walked out of the door, “Don’t hit your sister’s car.” He gets in the car and just hits it right. “I won’t mom,” and then hits it, just smashes it. It’s got to have this bodywork done, it’s got to be fixed and my mom makes him pay for half of it.

It’s like a $700 job and my mom makes him pay for it from the earnings from his summer job, he’s got to help pay for this car. Three days later, I get in an accident with a semi-truck, totalled.

[0:31:45.7] PA: Og man.

[0:31:47.7] MM: My brother was just devastated.

[0:31:50.8] GC: He had to pay for half of it but he did a hundred percent of the damage.

[0:31:56.2] MM: Right but my mom…

[0:31:57.2] GC: That’s actually a pretty good deal.

[0:32:00.1] JSS: The good news is, it sounds like the insurance company paid for all of it.

[0:32:04.1] MM: That’s true, right. That’s true, it was totalled. Man.

[0:32:11.5] TD: My very first car for the first couple of years, my dad always made sure I took care of all the servicing of it and everything and then they moved for work which is also a great way to get rid of your kids actually, you just move while they’re in college but otherwise they’ll probably still be living with them.

[0:32:30.6] JSS: Tom, did they tell you they were moving or they just leave in the night?

[0:32:37.4] GC: “Tom, we’re moving you up to college but it’s funny why we have this big truck with us too. It’s not your stuff.”

[0:32:45.0] TD: I plan on doing the same when my kids are old enough, I’m just going to move. After he left, I was in charge of my car and after about two more years of driving it, all of a sudden the car just stopped working completely. It got towed into the dealership and they looked at it and they said the engine’s completely seized up. They said, “When was the last time you got an oil changed?” I didn’t because I thought that was something you did to — it would improve your engine. I didn’t realize it was required maintenance. They said to do itself after years of not ever changing the oil. That was the end of my very first car.

[0:33:33.1] JSS: You’re right Tom, it does improve the engine.

[0:33:45.5] GC: It’s a direct correlation.

[0:33:51.0] KP: Changing notes a little bit, something that probably shouldn’t go with driving: drinking. A Canadian personal finance story. It’s sort of a rite of passage in Manitoba and maybe in the rest of Canada as well to go across the US border for various things. It’s like this whole new world, it’s like flying to Mars, there’s all these great new shiny things.

The first thing my buddies noticed when I brought them down there to watch the world junior hockey championships in Grand Forks, North Dakota was the price of beer. The price of beer was a quarter than it was in Canada. They just thought this was incredible. We go into the liquor mart and half the place is Canadians who have made this trek to watch hockey.

They’re just loading up like shopping carts full of booze right? Not knowing that they’re going to pay some duty at the border, they’re not worried, they’re going to drink it tonight, whatever. My one buddy sees how cheap cigarettes are and goes, “god, maybe I should start smoking.” One of my other friends who has got a log of chewing tobacco in his hand says, “I don’t know how any American lives past 40 if these price go in Canada we’d all be alcoholics and have no livers left before we hit middle age.”

We go to the game, kept things fairly in check, didn’t want to make too much of a fools of ourselves. But it snowed that night while we were in the game. They actually shut down the highway headed back to Canada and trapped about three or 4,000 Canadians in Grand Forks North Dakota which isn’t really equipped three or 4,000 of anyone, never mind drunk Canadians who just came from a hockey game.

[0:35:29.0] GC: With cars full of alcohol and tobacco.

[0:35:32.8] PA: With shopping carts, exactly.

[0:35:34.2] MM: No guns right?

[0:35:36.2] KP: No guns. So that was a positive. Quite polite junks if I might say, most likely. They opened up the Elaris Center, the sort of the big football arena, a UND there. If you couldn’t find a hotel room, because they were already fully booked, you stay at the Elaris center. Of course, everyone was like, well, let’s just walk to every bar around and just do it.

They actually ran out of beer for a five mile radius of the Elaris center that night. Every Canadian loved it, they were like, “We drank this,” my buddies were like, we need to come down every weekend, it’s cheaper if we drive down here than to just buy it and drink it back home. That was our stimulus for the American economy anyway.

[0:36:24.8] MM: Or at least North Dakota.

[0:36:29.9] KP: Yeah, it wasn’t oil that caused their boom, it was just the realization of beer prices from all the Canadians.

[0:36:37.1] MM: What are you bringing us all to FinCon Kyle?

[0:36:41.4] KP: We’ll see. We usually have a tradition for those of you listening at FinCon where we try to sample beverages from each other’s country. It’s a cultural exchange really of many ideas and concept.

[0:36:59.1] JSS: It sounds highbrow, sounds very high brow.

[0:37:01.7] GC: Lower brow. Nice shot man.

[0:37:15.2] KP: So Joe, another story? Story time with Joe or what?

[0:37:20.7] JSS: I’m waiting for you guys, while you were talking about alcohol and thinking about one of my client meetings because now I have been out of practice for six years, I can kind of talk about some of the funny things that happened in client meetings.

I had a couple that were dating that came in and they really wanted help with their budget and they wanted me to help them get the budget in order and they couldn’t figure out where all the money was going. I said, “Have you ever written down, have you ever kept track?” They said, “No.” I sent them home for two weeks to keep track with their budget, they came back and they have all these lines filled in except one which is $100 a week.

I’m going through okay, let’s cut your cable, let’s look at the cellphone package, let’s do all the normal things that you do, you getting a tax refund back. We’re cutting all this stuff and I said, well there’s this line item that says nothing. I said, “What is that?”

Walt & Theresa both looked at each other and Theresa goes, “I told you, you shouldn’t have written it down.” Now, my interest in finding out what this is has gone from here to here. Now I really want to know. He’s like, “Well he said to write down everything.” I said, “Well what is that?” Theresa goes, “It’s entertainment.”

I said, “Okay, let’s just find out, if it’s a hundred dollars a week you’re spending on entertainment, is that going to movies?” You know, because me, I’m the guy that does that standards of there’s a time share pitch going on. I’ve got no idea where this trade set at all.

“Okay, if that’s going to movies, that’s a lot of movies but hey, $100 a week, we’ll cut that entertainment budget, is it going out to dinner?” They kind of paused and Theresa looks at Walt, “You tell him. Walt says, “That’s pot,” and I go, “Excuse me?” Because I’m thinking two things. “He didn’t just say that’s pot number one and number two, a hundred dollars a week for pot? Holy cow!”

[0:39:31.3] GC: They’re well entertained.

[0:39:33.5] JSS: The both faces, that’s the only time in my 16 year career I had anybody who had a pot budget.

[0:39:40.8] GC: This actually sound very responsible.

[0:39:46.4] MM: Good for them.

[0:39:47.4] GC: If your entertainment is so much, you’re going to probably forget.

[0:39:51.3] JSS: That’s right, we cut it to $50 a week and they saved bundles of money and still felt great.

[0:39:58.2] PA: Way to save the money. Cut back on the drugs and you’ll be good with.

[0:40:02.0] KP: I imagine the cross over on that vin diagram between a hundred dollar week pot budget and people that have a budget, there’s not a lot of overlap there. Kudos to them for pulling that off. When you think about the motivational factors there.

[0:40:17.4] GC: Not only was it the only time you ever heard about that but that was really the only time it ever happened. Financial history.

[0:40:27.6] JSS: I don’t think I could tell the financial planner that line item.

[0:40:33.3] KP: Is it tax deducted though?

[0:40:37.5] MM: Well it could be if it’s part of your business.

[0:40:39.0] KP: It’s a medical expense I need it.

[0:40:46.1] MM: Colorado to open a business.

[0:40:48.6] JSS: It’s a charitable deduction because I feel charitable after.

[0:40:56.1] GC: “I gave the money to the guy in the corner. He was just nice enough to give me this bag. Who knew?”

[0:41:08.0] JSS: Then I had an older couple that was really worried and I was a brand new financial adviser and when you’re a brand new financial adviser, you will talk to anyone pretty much with a pulse. If you can fog a beer, come on in and I’ll see if I can help. So you’re dealing with all types of people and I call these people because they’re worried. This guy says he’s worried about his estate planning.

When you hear two words as a financial adviser, you hear the word estate followed by the word planning. That means somebody’s got some big money and it’s a brand new financial adviser, I’m thinking. People worried about estate planning, at that time in the US if you had an estate of over, I think it was a million dollars at that point, you had some serious estate taxes.

I’m thinking, “Wow, estate planning, first client over a million dollars.” This older couple comes in, nicely dressed, looked really cool, I’m all nervous, it’s one of the first meetings I’ve ever had without having a senior adviser with me and I sit down with them and I said, “Okay, tell me what your worry is?” They’re very solemn.

The guy said, “I’m really worried about our estate. We have some GM stock.” I’m like, “Oh that’s great, okay. Tell me what the problem is?” They said, “Well, we have three sons and we have two shares and we don’t know how to split it equally.”

[0:42:34.2] KP: Split the share in half and whichever one says don’t, they get the share, is that how this story goes in the good book?

[0:42:42.3] GC: How did you resolve that?

[0:42:44.2] JSS: I had to teach them about selling the share first and then split the $23 that they would get.

[0:42:53.4] PA: Make money?

[0:42:54.3] GC: You wouldn’t have them let it ride?

[0:42:56.0] KP: Somehow the government ended up with both shares.

[0:43:03.3] GC: Is there a good in there? That compounds.

[0:43:10.0] JSS: You can’t imagine though without being there the letdown that I had.

[0:43:15.4] KP: How did they buy two shares at GM actually? Now I’m sort of interested in the story. Do they have a brokerage account?

[0:43:22.2] GC: Let’s get them on the show.

[0:43:22.6] MM: How long were they sitting on it, that’s what I want to know, how long were they sitting on it?

[0:43:27.1] JSS: I have no idea.

[0:43:28.4] TD: They had the actual paper stocks too.

[0:43:30.5] JSS: Yeah, we got to invite them the next Money Mastermind. That’s the real mastermind, how did you buy two shares.

[0:43:38.1] KP: It is, yeah.

[0:43:39.8] GC: When I was a kid, I don’t know how my grandmother did it but she bought all us grandkids like I think one share of AT&T stock each and to this day, it’s probably, I don’t know where it is, I could probably claim it somewhere, I don’t even know where it is but we would get quarterly checks and it would be like, I got 31 cents, this is awesome, if it was even that much.

[0:44:05.8] JSS: That’s what I’m going to say, when you’re a kid though Glen, that’s cool isn’t it?

[0:44:10.5] GC: It’s cool but at that time, it was going to be more trouble for me to find a bank to cash this thing.

[0:44:17.6] JSS: Yeah, but just the fact, I remember that. The fact that you can get 31 cents for doing nothing was so foreign to me. That is great, it is amazing.

[0:44:25.3] KP: That is kind of cool actually.

[0:44:27.2] MM: You should have seen the look on my son’s face when I showed him. I’m like, I opened a savings account for you at ING when they were doing one of their specials and they opened your kid’s account, they put 50 bucks in it or whatever. I opened that up for him and we put in some of his money and a couple of months later we looked at it and it was the same thing.

“My gosh, I’ve got a dollar, a hole other dollar that I got just for doing nothing,” and he was so excited. Imagine when I opened up his IRA this year and I was just like, now look at how much money you get for doing nothing. It’s like three bucks now but he’s just like, “That, it’s amazing.”

[0:45:07.2] GC: What’s amazing is not so much that it’s earning money, but that he’s just sitting around and you keep opening this accounts for him.

[0:45:14.9] TD: He’s really doing nothing.

[0:45:16.1] GC: That’s the lesson.

[0:45:18.7] MM: Well most of it is his money that he has to put in. I make him…

[0:45:21.0] TD: Smart boy

[0:45:23.8] MM: I make him put his money in accounts.

[0:45:24.5] GC: He’s like, I’m going to sit back and look cute and she’s going to just keep opening these accounts and she thinks I’d do then.

[0:45:31.1] TD: Sure, there is the Warren Buffett story where the eight year old has a paper route, to hell with that. Just sit on your couch and you can…

[0:45:37.8] GC: Mom’s buying.

[0:45:39.7] TD: It’s your mom who is a financial blogger to just save that for you and I’m done.

[0:45:44.6] MM: No, it’s his money, he has to put his money in. Yeah, He has his little thing, he has to do 20% savings, he has to put in to this charity and then he gets the 70% that’s left over to spend on what he wants. No, it’s not just free money that I put in there because… I want to make that very clear. It’s his money.

[0:46:07.0] TD: It’s funny Miranda you’re talking 20% and trying to encourage savings and I teach a couple of business courses in school, when we do taxes it’s always hilarious to see the look on the kid’s face when we go over their check stub and how much personal tax they have to pay and of course they get that back.

This year it was one of the first years I got to teach it on to entrepreneurship course. I think I’ve talked in the show that kids made companies and I said, “Okay, you’re going to get charged the 10% tax, you can pick whatever charity you want to give it to but your company has to pay a 10% tax.”

They were outraged at this, they’re like, what do you mean I have to give up 10% of my profit? This is crazy and I’m like, “Well, what’s crazy is that you’d actually give up far more than this,” and so then we actually went in and looked at their corporate taxation rates and different things but in the end, it was okay, they found like hockey charity to donate it to kid’s sport, to some kids to play hockey and stuff. Yeah, that tax realization on how percentages work, that’s always pretty interesting to watch on their faces.

[0:47:09.1] JSS: [0:47:09.1]I had a client, a really cool client who was so worried about that Kyle that he would give his kids an allowance and then he would withhold taxes from it. Specifically to make his kids angry.

[0:47:24.4] GC: I love it.

[0:47:26.8] TD: Turn them into conservatives young yeah?

[0:47:29.5] MM: Amazing. My son, when he was like, “I don’t have enough money to buy this thing and I want to buy it.” I’m like, “Okay. Can I setup a payment plan.” I just love how he talks like this, “Can I have a payment plan?” I’m like, “Sure, do you know how payment plans work in the real world?” He’s like, “Not really.” “Well you pay interest. If you want to setup a payment plan, that’s cool but I’m going to charge you interest, let’s sit down and figure out how much you’re going to repay me at the end of this payment plan.” He did it.

[0:48:02.0] JSS: Let’s talk to mommy loan shark.

[0:48:03.7] MM: That’s right. Whatever, I only charge a couple, two, three percent, it’s not that bad.

[0:48:10.8] PA: It is funny, when it comes to money, if you haven’t been taught as a kid how money works and how credit and interest works and all that kind of stuff, you can really be completely clueless when you get in to college or whatever. I don’t know if you guys saw in the news this week about this girl who have had 90,000 or $100,000 college fund from her grandparents.

She blew it all within I think two years of going to school by using all the money for trip to Europe, entertainment, clothes. All sorts of crazy stuff. When the money was all gone, here is she, she called this radio show that’s how it came to light. She was upset because her parents weren’t going to help her pay for the rest of her school after she had blown almost $100,000.

Basically the people on the show said you need to probably get a job to help pay for this and she was basically outraged that people would think that she would work a job while she’s going to school. Her parents wouldn’t lend her the money unless she did get a job or co-sign a loan for her unless she agreed to get a job.

Finally I think she ended up getting a job so she could help pay for her own schooling but really, it’s kind of hilarious when you think about it. People hadn’t been taught this stuff, they’re just so clueless sometimes how the real world actually works.

[0:49:36.4] MM: Well, just the sense of entitlement. “You're going to pay for my college and I’m going to blow all this money that I had already.”

[0:49:43.6] GC: “And you’re going to give more.”

[0:49:45.3] TD: Yeah, maybe she had a hundred dollar a week “entertainment” budget.

[0:49:52.3] GC: If she actually kept the money on those things then maybe you wouldn’t be in that situation.

[0:49:56.1] TD: Yeah, I know a lot of guys in school that had shopping problems, every time they leave the house, they had to go shopping at the liquor mart.

[0:50:06.8] JSS: Definitely a shopping problem.

[0:50:08.0] GC: You seem to be surrounded by a lot of those people Kyle.

[0:50:13.1] MM: Now, with like the online shopping, you don’t even have to leave the house. I know somebody who used to spend all sorts of money doing online shopping without even leaving the house. You know, whatever.

[0:50:24.7] GC: I’m sure it’s pretty common though nowadays.

[0:50:26.9] MM: Oh yeah.

[0:50:28.8] JSS: I just can’t imagine sitting in front of the home shopping network going, I can’t wait for that jewelry deal, they’re telling me is up in seven minutes.

[0:50:36.4] GC: I’m always fascinated by the knife deals.

[0:50:39.8] MM: My gosh.

[0:50:42.8] GC: It’s like the most relaxing thing to watch these guys talk about it and you’re just like.

[0:50:48.0] MM: I go to my happy place. Imagine myself wielding the blade right?

[0:50:55.6] GC: It was like three in the morning, you’re bleary eyed, “That’s not a bad idea. I’m going to go camping, I’m totally prepared.”

[0:51:03.5] JSS: That’s a Jerry Seinfeld joke, you’re only watching TV because your whole body’s asleep except your finger that’s clicking the channels.

[0:51:12.7] MM: My gosh. My parents are getting ready for a trip to Alaska and we went with them to Cabella’s just to see what stuff was there. Help them out with what they were going to do. My son and I just started getting just really side tracked by all the cool gear and then the knife, the big knife counter where it’s just this glass case just full of sharp things and I was just mesmerized.

I was just sitting here. Gavin’s like, how about this one? I’m like, “That is not nearly big enough That is not nearly big enough to meet my needs. I need this one.”

[0:51:56.8] JSS: I need the longer one.

[0:51:57.9] GC: You’re defending yourself on Kyle’s friends who come in on beer runs?

[0:52:01.6] MM: That’s right.

[0:52:04.6] JSS: I can’t defend the border with that.

[0:52:09.7] GC: You drank all the beer get me a butcher knife dammit.

[0:52:12.9] MM: I like to have a big knife that’s serrated that’s just a step a saw because it helps you when you’re doing the kindling. I’m practical that way.

[0:52:22.6] PA: Wow.

[0:52:25.9] GC: When you’re sawing off part of the house.

[0:52:29.0] MM: You know, I have swords, I have a collection of swords that are on a moving truck and if you come in to my house and try to rob me, I’ll probably attack you with one of my sharp swords.

[0:52:46.1] JSS: Stand your ground.

[0:52:47.3] KP: Note to self.

[0:52:51.4] MM: I also have a fine collection of daggers.

[0:52:54.2] JSS: Well there’s one house off Peter’s list.

[0:53:00.5] PA: I’ll pull the Indiana Jones and just bring the gun, right? Bring a sword to a gunfight?

[0:53:05.5] MM: I have a gun too, it’s okay.

[0:53:06.8] PA: Okay.

[0:53:13.2] JSS: I’ve got just one more epic Joe being a moron with money moment. I was in Detroit and speaking of estate plans, I would refer people just to a couple of state planning attorneys that I knew were really good and wouldn’t rip people off but this one guy worked for a firm that had great basketball tickets.

He invited me one day to sit in their company seats in the second row. You know how you’ve got the upper bowl where I sit, way at the top of the upper bowl and then there’s the lower bowl and then there’s these seats that are on the court? We’re sitting in the second row on the court.

When I saw the amount of money that was on the ticket, I couldn’t believe that anybody would spend that amount of money on a basketball game. But hey, I wasn’t paying. Great, fantastic. We sit down there and what’s funny is, not only is that great, they have people that will come and just take your order. It had been a bad day and I apparently knew Kyle so I was drinking like a fish.

[0:54:18.4] KP: How could you not with the price of beer.

[0:54:22.3] JSS: Absolutely. I had to. I looked at the price of beer at the pistons game and it was only $10 a thing and so…

[0:54:31.0] GC: Better than the Nicks game.

[0:54:34.4] JSS: This is maybe like, this is an old story, there was a guy playing for the Pistons that time, his name is Grant Hill and Grant was a — for people who know basketball, they’ll know that name. He was a great player but he was their best player and he had just introduced this new line of shoes called the Fila Hills.

As they come out to warm up, there are these white shoes that had just a zipper like right up the middle of the shoe, it was really weird, there was a zipper up the middle of the shoe and they were kind of a high top and they’re doing these drills before the game and we’re just starting to drink and I said to the state attorney John, I said, “Yeah, I’m not sure if I like those shoes.” John’s like, “Yeah, those are pretty strange shoes.” Then we have a few more drinks and near the end of half time or excuse me, just before half time.

[0:55:23.5] KP: I love where this is going.

[0:55:25.3] JSS: Grant Hill is going to inbound the ball right here in front of me right? There’s the people in front of me and he’s going to inbound the ball right there. I’m looking at his shoes and I said, “I don’t know man,” I kind of tried to whisper but I’ve had a lot of alcohol and I said, “I don’t know about those shoes man, I’m not sure.”

Then, we had even more to drink during half time and we keep talking about the shoes, “Those are the weirdest looking — would anybody wear those? Those are just.” — so they come out to do their little deal after halftime where they’re getting ready for the second half and Grant Hill runs by us and I said, “All right, I’ve decided,” I’m holding up my beer and I go, “Okay, I’ve decided, I think those are some ugly ass shoes.”

Then the attorney and I, we both start laughing together and I said, “I don’t know though, you think you could pay to wear them?” The dude in front of me turns around and his face is bright red and he goes, “Hell yeah he does and if you ever want to know how much, just call me sometime.” It’s the Fila Rep. Then, that’s when I took my shoe and I put it right…

[0:56:43.3] GC: To be fair, maybe you knew something that he didn’t because didn’t Grant Hill have to leave the game because he had ankle problems?

[0:56:49.5] JSS: He did. That’s exactly right.

[0:56:54.2] MM: I did.

[0:56:56.0] GC: Zippers aren’t a good idea.

[0:56:56.8] JSS: I get the last laugh there.

[0:56:58.1] MM: I bought tennis shoes but running shoes with the zippers for working out or whatever. Stupidest $35 bucks I’ve ever spent.

[0:57:07.3] KP: I had the pump and it worked man, my vertical went from four inches to…

[0:57:17.3] MM: Amazing.

[0:57:18.4] JSS: I just can’t imagine this guy, the whole game like trying to keep it to himself as John and I are just getting more and more loaded, ripping his product.

[0:57:27.0] KP: I thought you were going to say like Grant turned to you guys and said like yeah, they are paying me or I wouldn’t be wearing these either.

[0:57:33.4] GC: I was kind of waiting for to the point where the two of you were like, “You know what? Those shoes are really awesome, let’s get a pair. Why am I wearing these?”

[0:57:42.9] MM: You spend 200 bucks.

[0:57:45.4] KP: Wake up in the morning with these white zippered shoes. “Man it must have been a good night.”

[0:58:00.3] GC: Reminds me back when I used to take the train to go into Manhattan and hang out. Back in New York, it wasn’t always as cleaned up as it wasn’t always as cleaned up as it was and lots of people on the trains. Doing their little stick and one time this guy comes over and he’s doing his whole little thing. He ends with, “All right everyone, you know what the best nation is right?” Everybody’s like, “What?” “A donation.”

[0:58:36.0] MM: That’s fantastic.

[0:58:37.9] JSS: That’s the best line ever.

[0:58:41.9] MM: The pun there is just amazing.

[0:58:46.0] GC: You know what? It worked. People gave him money. You just got to make somebody laugh. On that note, we’ve had an hour of fun here. Usually we go around and we kind of wrap and have a final word but this whole episode was our final words on different stories, kind of doesn’t to make a whole lot of sense now to do that.

I’m just going to say, we’ll just skip over that page and I thank you so much Joe for joining us tonight and you know, for those two or three people who maybe just got computers and don’t know what podcasting is, and because they’re definitely watching our show because they don’t know any better yet, tell them about what you do and tell them a little about Stacking Benjamins.

[0:59:40.0] JSS: Thanks man, thanks for having me guys, this was a blast. Our show Stacking Benjamins is actually a lot like this version of the — actually we don’t have this much fun, we have a lot of fun but we don’t have this much fun. The difference is, you guys try to teach stuff and you do a great job at teaching people stuff about finance and with our show, if we teach you anything about finance ever, we made a huge mistake.

Our goal is to be surround sound where we talk about headlines that are going on and really where CNBC will take a headline, these financial shows will take a headline and they’ll tell you all the things you got to do now. We’ll take it from a better financial planning point of view and say, “Here’s three headlines and here’s why you probably don’t have to do anything. Here’s really what you should do.”We get rid of some of the financial, what’s that Carl Richards calls it financial pornography.

We have fun around the tables, we have a good time and for people that like to stay till the end, we even talk about movies. We do a little bit of everything on Stacking Benjamins. Three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

[1:00:42.8] GC: I understand you really have a top notch guest, the cream of the crop, not only the best people in the world on the show.

[1:00:50.8] JSS: You.

[1:00:51.5] MM: Yeah, that’s right, you were on the show.

[1:00:55.2] JSS: Yeah, we have had some great guests, we’ve been very lucky there. We’ve had cool financial guest and non-financial guests. I really like the guy, Austin Kleon for people that know him. He wrote a great book called Steal Like An Artist. He is an artist but he talks to business people about learning creativity, that was one of my favorite episodes.

Don Hahn who is the producer of not only Maleficent that came out last year. The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. He talked about the creativity in business. I love that stuff but Jean Chatzky, Carl Richards. Rick Edelman, David Bach, The Automatic Millionaire has been on so we’ve been very lucky. I can’t figure out why they want to keep coming on my show but I’m not complaining.

[1:01:41.4] GC: We set the table for you there.

[1:01:42.5] JSS: You do.

[1:01:43.7] GC: Obviously. No it’s definitely a funny show. Fun to be on, fun to listen to. Thank you again Joe for coming and blessing our listeners with your stories and for everybody else out there, until next week, be good with your money.

[1:02:01] ANNOUNCER: Thanks for joining us on the Money Mastermind Show, get more information at Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes and YouTube and follow us on Google Plus.



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