MMS008: Is Wealth Inequality Systemic In Our World?

MMS008: Is Wealth Inequality Systemic In Our World?

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Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie is occupying MMS this week in order to give us his thoughts on the income inequality debate generated by this summer’s blockbuster bestseller: Thomas Picketty’s Capital In the Twenty-First Century.  Any time that a book as long as the Bible that is written by a French economist ends up on coffee tables around the world – you know something interesting has happened.  For those of you having flashbacks to boring English classes, have no fear – this isn’t a book club – we chat about what you can do claim your spot in a shrinking middle class no matter what the 1% is doing.

Is Wealth Inequality Systemic In Our World?

Key Takeaways From This Episode

Some important questions discussed in this episode:

  • Is income inequality even a problem?  Hasn’t it been around forever?
  • What has taxation looked like in the past?  It can’t have changed that much right?
  • How does corporate taxation and recent “corporations as people” chatter factor into this whole income inequality debate?
  • What do the infamous 1% do to make all their money? (*Hint: They aren’t just working more overtime.)
  • What steps can you take regardless of what the 1% are doing?


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